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Product Description

The tipis here at Skymarquees are available for anyone to host their special occasion. From unique weddings and charity events to corporate occasions, there really are so many uses for a tipi at your party!

Tipis aren’t the small and dim small tent-like structures that they once were. We offer state-of-the–art tipis made of solid materials that can stand even the toughest conditions. If you want an appealing aesthetic to your occasion while preparing for the UK weather, a tipi could be the perfect choice.

Need to make a bold statement at your wedding, garden party or corporate event? A tipi may just be the ticket to more compliments, open mouths and a successful occasion.

Our tipis for hire are proving popular at all types of events, and we put that down to their unique aesthetics and reliability.

Why Choose Our Tipis for Hire?

When you need something to make your event stands out from the crowd, a tipi can be the answer. A tipi provides a unique twist on outdoor entertaining. Away from the standard and boring tents that everyone is using for their summer weddings and celebrations, there is a more rustic and characterful way of setting the scene – only achievable with an awesome tipi.

But the tipi you hire from us will not only turn heads because it is a nice surprise. It will also withstand the extreme British weather – even the summers! Nobody organising an event wants the skies to open, but if they do, you can be assured that our tipis are completely waterproof. Engineered with premium materials and an expert design, all our tipis for hire are reliable and attractive!

Versatile for All Gatherings!

Not only can your next tipi take on the worst of the weather, it can also take on even the largest of events. Tipis are adaptable to different gatherings because they can be joined together to make larger spaces. This means you can always achieve the unique tipi theme and get it to fit your party. No matter how big the occasion is, a tipi will match it in size.

A Convenient One-Stop Tipi Service

You don’t want to find amazing tipis then have to go elsewhere to furnish or cater them, do you? We get that – which is why we offer affordable catering and furnishing services to make hiring a tipi a piece of cake. Let us know what you need and find out how we can make planning your tip-top tipi occasion even better and stress-free.

Want to Know More?

For more information on our premium tips for hire in Surrey, Berkshire, London and further afield, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team!

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