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Product Description

Our flagship marquees for hire in Surrey and the nearby regions are our Clearspan Marquees. These marquees come with a host of bespoke options and sizes to fit your garden party, wedding ceremony or corporate gathering.

You can trust Classic Marqueess to deliver quality Clearspan Marquees in pristine condition for your special occasion. Just as you can be sure of impressing your guests and winning the unspoken who-had-the-best-wedding competition between friends.

Multifunctional Clearspan Marquees

These marquees for hire are some of the most multifunctional. They are ideal for dining and ourbigger sizes can fit over 1000 people. Yet, intimate events are also catered for with our smaller options. They are also perfect for adding dancefloors, bar areas, buffets, and most of all, keeping the whole occasion inside the marquee.

If you do need any catering extras, you’ll be pleased to know that we can provide them to you for one-stop and stress-free convenience.

Robust Designs with Premium Materials

When you choose marquee hire, you want to be assured that you are getting premium marquees manufactured with the best materials. This is exactly what you get with our Clearspan Marquees, including:

• Aluminium-grade frame
• Heavy-duty PVC material
• Galvanised steel joints

These Clearspan Marquees are just like sturdy buildings with PVC shells. They can take guests up to 80mph and easily withstand heavy downpours without causing sagging. There really is nothing to worry about when you chose to hire Clearspan Marquees through us – even for a UK summer wedding!

Perfect for all Surfaces

Our Clearspan Marquees can be set up on different surfaces, maximising their uses and making them suitable for different properties and locations. Whether it is on a plush evergreen lawn, tarmac or concrete, they will maintain their WOW factor and remain functional.

Carpet Colours to Match!

We get that weddings and parties often have themes and strict colour schemes, which is why our Clearspan Marquees come with carpet colour options to be tailored to your needs.

Let’s Discuss Sizes and Those Little Extras!

To get knowledgeable help on what size Clearspan Marquee you will need and to learn about our marquee extras, get in touch with our friendly team.

For any enquiries or questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Tel. 07592555064